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The mural on the outside of Wagnolia Veterinary Clinic.

About Wagnolia

Wagnolia Veterinary Clinic is a progressive, state-of-the-art veterinary clinic offering comprehensive and compassionate medical care to patients in the Uptown neighborhood and all across Chicago.

Dr. Joshi and her fellow Wagnolians value the human-animal bond, a concept centered on our physical, emotional and psychological connection with our pets. 


We believe that medicine isn't one-size-fits-all; every pet will need an individualized plan of action to achieve optimum health and wellness. We promise to help you determine what that path looks like for your pet.

Please stop by and say hi! Rain or shine, we will always have treats!

Meet Dr. Joshi


Dr. Vaishali Joshi

Practice Owner

Dr. Joshi has been practicing veterinary medicine in Chicago for nearly 15 years. She is committed to offering the best medical options for each patient and works hard to educate her clients on how best to achieve their pets' healthcare goals.


Dr. Joshi practices whole body medicine, which involves a connected approach to your pet's health. This means that when we are addressing one problem, we are not ignoring others that might be contributing to it. For example, when your pet is experiencing behavioral changes such as anxiety or aggression, she will open up dialogue to address potential underlying issues such as chronic pain, gastrointestinal health and skin disorders among other chronic ailments that may exacerbate behavioral issues.


Dr. Joshi has a strong interest in public health and includes concepts of One Health - which is defined as the intersection of human, animal and environmental health - into Wagnolia's approach. She values collaboration with others in the neighborhood such as schools, rescue organizations, and the Chamber of Commerce to help shape a safer community for Uptown's people and pets.


When she isn't in the clinic, Dr. Joshi is spending time with her cats, out exploring various neighborhoods with friends and family, or at the gym with some of her favorite people.

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